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We rode our motorcycles North, until the road ran out.


In 2014, we ( — Sebastiaan de With and Stuart Philkill) rode our bikes North from San Francisco, until the road ran out. On this incredible trip we created a unique visual narrative with the intention of inspiring others and show-casing the natural and cultural beauty of the Northernmost West-American country.

It was featured on Buzzfeed, CNN, HLN, PetaPixel, The Blaze, Reddit, People Magazine and many more websites. We spoke on Reddit’s Upvoted podcast as well as giving a TEDx talk about it!




Our image gallery got almost 4,000,000 views, and tens of thousands of comments on imgur and Reddit, becoming the top shared image post of 2014.

Read some of the reactions here — or, listen to our interview with Reddit’s Upvoted:

We’re honored with the fantastic coverage of our journey, and were inspired to start Ride Earth, the website you are on today.


You can register for the second run of books online here, get a print or get a shirt from our online store.


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Or read Sebastiaan’s detailed blog posts, full of images taken by him and written stories:

Week 1

San Francisco to Oregon


Week 2

Oregon to the Canadian Border


Week 3

Vancouver, and the road North.


Week 4

The Yukon and Alaska.


Week 5

Further North in the Yukon and Alaska


Week 6

Alaska, the Arctic and the Dalton Highway.



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