Riding South

Our new adventure

After our ride to the extreme end of the road in the Northern hemisphere last year, we are now gearing up to ride our bikes to the Southernmost part of the American continent: Patagonia. We intend to ride our bikes completely from San Francisco to Ushuaia, Argentina, coming as close as we possibly can of the South Pole by motorcycle.

This epic ride will take is through all of Central America and South America, and has required significant preparation and training. We’ll be departing as soon as late November, and intend to ride the entire way save for the small interruption of the Darien Gap. We may suspend our ride at times to return to San Francisco for short periods of work before resuming the trip so that we can explore the area we cover without being rushed.

ride south map

Plenty of preparations are in full swing at the moment, as we are preparing our bikes and rounding up our packs. I will be changing bikes this time around: riding to Alaska on a street bike was one thing, but Latin America is not quite the place to bring a Ducati SportClassic. We’re also changing around our camera and lens setups, so expect posts on that as we get closer to our departure date.

Follow our preparations here, and enjoy the ride updates as they happen!


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